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Bengü Karaduman

13 September – 25 October 2011

Maçka Sanat Galerisi is organizing a series of shows and events in the honor of its 35th year anniversary between September 2011 – September/October 2012. Among these, a series of shows titled BENGÜ BURAK VOLKAN ALP ELMAS İZ, which consists of newly commissioned works by six of the most talented young, up and coming artists from Turkey, is curated by Nazlı Gürlek. The series is kick-started with Bengü Karaduman’s solo show BENGÜ on Septemper 13th. This will then be followed by solo shows by Burak Arıkan, Volkan Aslan, Alp Klanten, Elmas Deniz, İz Öztat. Named after the first names of the six artists, the series of six solo shows underlines the different areas of interest, themes and methods of the artists as well as pondering on the ‘myth of the artist’ that the international art apparatus consistently nurtures.

BENGÜ turns Maçka Sanat Galerisi into a sensory and meditative laboratory that is striking both in audio and visual terms. The show focuses on the urgency of the idea of an individual who is trapped within indirect and itermittent experiences of contemporary life that is so dependent on media, taking responsibility of their actions and changing their surroundings. The motif of the spider weaving a web becomes a metaphor for the individual who finds balance and continues on their path, creating their surroundings among the conflicting elements such as the natural and the man-made, the internal and the external, the real and the imaginary, black and white, still and moving images, pattern and digital manipulation that constitute this multilayered artistic language.

BENGÜ, influenced by the gallery’s architectural setup, presents a narrative that reaches across the two rooms of the space. The viewer is welcomed into the space with a video-sculpture called A sketch for a New Body (2011) in which a metal chair transforms into a moving spider. The chair is an element that appears in several works of Karaduman, illustrating the artist's relationship with the establishment. In Karaduman’s work the spider, which has different connotations in various cultures and mythologies symbolizes the individual in contemporary life, and the spider web the life the individual weaves. Sharing the same space, Web of Conditions (2011) is an installation of a video consisting of black and white scenes flowing on to a spider’s web stretched across room. The viewer encounters these moving images which the artist has drawn from events and figures which have a place in media and visual culture in an unusual setting. The show continues to the next room with a second video work titled Swinging Garden (2011) and a series of chinese ink drawings. This second setting that the artist constructed with inspiration from a scenery of untouched nature invites the viewer to a space of harmony in direct contrast to the previous room.