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“To Know, To See ”

2012 December 11 – 2013 January 12

“We live in a country where each day women’s murder and the number of women subjected to violence keep increasing. The photographs of murder, abuse and rape are everyday life scenes and we continue our daily life right beside those minds that stands by and legitimizes these conditions. This series of photographs were taken in order to remind the fact that violence is not exclusive to our geography, to present nor to women we see on newspapers.
In the series, we see famous women portraits of famous painters disguised in women subjected to violence or them disguised in those in portraits. Each can be replaced with the other, yesterday can be replaced with the present and we all could and can be standing in on those quadrages. I wanted this exhibition to be an answer to those violence prone minds which had become more unabashed and bold about their actions; as a voice for all the women subjected to violence, abuse and rape…” says Derya Kılıç to explain her motivation theme for the exhibition.