François Morellet - 1993 - 1994

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<BR>François Morellet- 1993 - 1994
<BR>François Morellet- 1993 - 1994
<BR>François Morellet- 1993 - 1994

(19 April-28 May 1994)

During Morellet’s first solo exhibition in Turkey, he held a conference about his work in MAG.

Catalog: Necmi Sönmez’s text.

Articles about the exhibition:

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“Before my first solo exhibition in İstanbul at MAG in 1994, we visited MAG with my wife Danielle during the 3rd Istanbul Biennial in 1991. We fell in love as soon as we saw the gallery. When I said, “This gallery must have been made for me!” Rabia replied, “Remember those words, I expect you to open an exhibition here.” This was how we met. Rabia made a hit with us and we became friends. Her gallery, covered with ceramic tiles reminiscent of a Turkish bath inspired me to create works that are compatible with the decor. It was a lot of fun to place them. In my 1994 exhibition, we even added two temporary installations with black tapes. We carry the nostalgia of our numerous meetings in Kaş, Paris, and Cholet and not
being able to see each other anymore in our hearts. Happy 40th anniversary of the gallery, Rabia. With love kisses."

François Morellet (19.02.2016)

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