Adnan Çoker- 2000 - 2001

“Missing Horoscopes”

(23 January-10 March 2001)

8 paintings and 3 prints of Çoker have been exhibited.

Articles about the exhibition

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  • Evrim Altuğ, “Aydınlığın ‘Eksik Burçlar’ı”, Radikal newspaper, 5 February 2001.
  • Anonymous, “Mudo Maçka’da Bir Öncü Ressam”, Radikal nespapwer, 17 January 2001.
  • Anonymous, “Eksik Burçlar”, Maison Française magazine, February 2001.

“Maçka Art Gallery has contributed greatly to Modern Turkish Art since its inception and hosted many exhibitions. Not only opened exhibitions but also with panels and conferences organized, encouraged art lovers to engage in critical thinking and inspiration. My dear friend Rabia Çapa, honorable owner of MAG with her great devotion, has kept the quality high for years, despite the difficulties she faced, always presented high-end modern art exhibitions. I met Mrs.Rabia many years ago. In our first meeting, Rabia came to my office in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University with her sister Varlık. Her enthusiastic and determined attitude that day had a positive effect on me. After the MAG is opened, during my three exhibitions, our friendship grew. The 'Christmas Tree Exhibitions' idea of hers, brought the concept of art as a gift, and had a very positive effect. The closure of the gallery means the end of an era of years of labor and makes me sad. But the fact that gallery archive will be carried forward with great care brings hope for the continuity of art. This irreplaceable art space will forever live in our minds and I hope dear Rabia Çapa's future will be happy and always filled with art. Still, I can't help saying the fact that such a gallery is closing is a great loss for our art scene.”

Adnan Çoker (14.08.2016)

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