Bengü Karaduman- 2011 - 2012

“BENGÜ / My Extinct Dreams”

Held within MAG's 35th-anniversary celebrations, the first exhibition of the series was by Bengü Karaduman and with Nazlı Gürlek’s curation. Karaduman’s installation using different techniques has been exhibited.

Articles about the exhibition:

  • Anonymous, “Maçka Sanat’ta Bengü Karaduman Söyleşisi”, Cumhuriyet portal newspaper, 21 September 2011.

“Square, tile, hand, Nam June Paik, Paris, cigarettes, birdhouses, vodka, excellent architecture, writing desk makeshift repair of the corner behind it, sailcloth, encouragement to madness, fingerprints, newspaper clippings, effort, security, Varlık, woman, curiosity, toy overturned, library of mind-blowing tales of art, half a liter of olive oil, record, hesitation, courage, Z chair , unlimited, reopening, 10x10, free production, bamboo, niche, beautiful Istanbul when it is empty, to work with a square or not, kitchen, sketch, care, tears, purpose, earrings, surprise, mix, hiding the smiling, sounds of laughter, office , human voice, picture or hanger, whatever you want, meditation corner, switch, door lock, elegance, measure, press, daylight, experiment, under the glass, Turkish coffee, translation, practice, crusty pastry, ritual, waving to the leaving artworks, art itself, accumulation, judas tree, experience, example, carbon paper, ruler, cutting papers in the corner of the table, list, guest, humor, prime, foxes, stubbornness, eye contact, patience, document, sound, autonomous, enthusiasm , afternoon, ivory, openness, embrace.”

Bengü Karaduman (28.04.2016)


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