Bilge Alkor- 1995 - 1996


(23 April-1 June 1996)

33 photographs shot at "Carnival of Venice” have been exhibited.

Articles about the exhibition:

  • Enis Batur, “Bilge Alkor’un Fırtına Sergisinden”, Cumhuriyet newspaper, 23 April 1996.

“Rabia Çapa and MAG are like two pieces that complete each other. Was MAG just a risk-taking avant-garde gallery? Or at the same time, an enthusiastic nest to its artists? I have known a friend before knowing a gallery owner. Being hosted as a guest in her home, traveling together… All have been unique memories for all their artists. Egypt, Bozburun, Kaş trips will never be forgotten. If we were able to enter the Pyramids to drink whiskey at sunset or gather to read poems in ancient theaters, our guide was always lovely Rabia. I think one of the most beautiful aspects of her is the way she embraces our exhibitions. She was so identified with our works that the exhibition dresses she wore at the openings were always original works that touched the essence of our works. Thank you to this fierce couple (Rabia Çapa and Maçka Art Gallery) for giving us the enthusiasm and courage with their responses and creativity to go on with other adventures.”

Bilge Alkor (10.05.2016)

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