Canan Tolon- 1990 - 1991


(26 February-30 March 1991)

9 works of Tolon have been exhibited.

Articles about the gallery

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  • Sezer Tansuğ, “Canan Tolon ve İki Sergisi”, Topaz magazine, March 1991.
  • Anonymous, “Bir Sanatçı İki Sergi”, Status magazine, March 1991.

“Maçka Art Gallery, like for many of us means a lot to me as well. It was the place where I opened my first exhibition in Istanbul. I cannot forget that excitement. It was like the excitement and sense of adventure during skydiving. Of course, Rabia Çapa's inspiring power and presence has been a great support for us all in this adventure. After a long time, I returned to Istanbul in 1991. I would meet the art world and make new friends. And, if I could be successful after opening my first exhibition, I have finally left my architecture profession and fully integrate with my artistic life. While I was preparing for the exhibition

Gulf War broke out. Despite this, with Bombay planes, I arrived in Istanbul from Francisco with all the materials needed for the installation in the exhibition; iron, sand, pine, grass seeds, canvas, glass, wire, nails. Everything but clothing packed in suitcases. Goods that do not fit in the heavy suitcases were hanging out of the taxi window, I was able to arrive at the gallery at night. After that night, MAG for me became an open space and Rabia Çapa was a gallerist who always stands beside her artists. MAG was a space where artists, who exhibit or not, can come together and exchange ideas, negotiate, and share. It was an open, highly productive environment. The unforgettable Thursday evenings, white shirts which are designed on artists, crowded openings left special memories to me. I am so grateful to Rabia Çapa and MAG to enable such beautiful moments to occur.”

Canan Tolon (29.06.2016)

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