Ergül Özkutan- 1987 - 1988

“Installation II.”

(8 March-2 April 1988)

Özkutan used the installation technique and the artist talk held during the exhibition later published as “Edition 1”.

Articles about the exhibition:

  • Sezer Tansuğ, “İstanbul’da Yeni Deneysel Çalışmalar”, Güneş newspaper, 23 March 1988.
  • Anonymous, “Ergül Özkutan’ın Düzenlemeleri”, Cumhuriyet newspaper, 12 March 1988.

“Large in small. This paradox is a questionnaire describing Maçka Art Gallery’s presence. With its cream-colored tiles and its geometry, MAG has generated many discussions and could shrink or grow with every art movement. It has been a gallery that all artists would like to be part of. And, most importantly, this small but big space has become the exhibition of resistance from past to present with daredevil art lover Rabia Çapa’s strong commitment.” 
Ergül Özkutan (15.07.2016)

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