İpek Aksüğür Duben- 1990 - 1991

Sezer Tansuğ, Alan-İpek Aksüğür Duben, Seyhun Topuz, Candeğer Furtun, Rabia Çapa.

(22 January 1991-23 February 1991)

9 paintings of Duben have been exhibited. The artist talk was held in the exhibition later published as “Edition 11”.

Articles about the exhibition

  • Necmi Sönmez, “Kendini Yanıtlayan Kadın”, Cumhuriyet newspaper, 26 January 1991.
  • Demet Elkatip, “Sanat Pekçok Şeyi Karanlıktan Çıkarır”, Güneş newspaper, 3 February 1991.
  • Sezer Tansuğ, “Akonstrüktif Bir Şablon Parodisi”, Sanat Çevresi magazine, February 1991.


“Maçka Art Gallery is important in terms of reflecting a period. Since the second half of the 1970s, Istanbul was the best, most active place in the art scene; It was a frequented place of top-quality artists, architects, and writers. It was like a club; it was very lively, many would come to their opening. People got to know each other, they were curious, and this created a dialogue. I think the most important event of MAG was the interviews. This is the most important thing to date. Those panels are a document of history and very important for a gallery to set an example. I met MAG when I came back from America. I was very happy and honored to be an artist at MAG. Being around experienced artists like Sabri Berkel and Adnan Çoker taught me a lot. I also met artists who were my peers at MAG and saw their work. I was actively involved in the panels; Rabia Çapa or Adnan Çoker would invite me to direct the panels. Those conversations were supremely important; there is a more active art world today, but it consists of groups within themselves. This is a healthy thing, but for our time it was extremely important for people to gather in a well-known gallery and to have a dialogue. In addition, the unique personalities of Rabia and Varlık is also important. And the vodka tradition… When people stopped by MAG in the afternoon they knew there was going to be an artist talk and they would spend time with each other. Rabia was a very good host. With laughter, arguments, this place was like a club. Therefore, after Melda Kaptana Gallery, I think MAG is a gallery that left a mark in this sense.”

İpek Duben (10.01.2016)

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