Komet- 1985 - 1986

(21 January-15 February 1986)

The exhibition that 19 paintings of Komet have been exhibited was also the first exhibition that Rabia Çapa wore artist dress for the first time at the opening.

Articles about the exhibition:

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“I met the two sisters in Paris. I have known Rabia and met with Varlık there. At that time, they decided to establish Maçka.Via Tunç Tüfekçi (Rabia's friend from the Academy) we got together. I opened my first exhibition here in 77. Later, I had solo exhibitions in 79 and 86. I also participated in group exhibitions. We shared wonderful days together. Great friendships and memories… The whole art world, writers, and the press were there. I was visiting MAG when I was in Turkey. Even though I did not have a new exhibition after 86, our friendship continued. This was a nest, a nest for art, not a business firm. What was built was through friendship. Back then, there weren’t many art events like today. Such an environment was important for contemporary art. Today there are many fairs, biennials, galleries… Rabia kept her stand after losing Varlık. The gallery had difficult times but they overcame it. It is not an easy thing to carry on for such a long time without economic concerns.”
Komet (29.04.2016)

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