Melike Abasıyanık Kurtiç- 1981 - 1982

Sea Urchin and Drawings”

6 April-1 May 1982

31 prints, drawings and ceramic works of Kurtiç have been exhibited.

Articles about the exhibition:

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  • Ahmet Köksal, “Melike Kurtiç Abasıyanık”, Milliyet Sanat magazine, 15 April 1982
  • Serpil Gogen, “Kaderin Simgeleri: Deniz Kestaneleri”, Cumhuriyet newspaper, 14 April 1982
  • Anonymous, “Melike Abasıyanık Kurtiç Kimdir”, Cumhuriyet newspaper, 13 March 1982

“Maçka Sanat Gallery has always known where it is standing since its inception. It continued the exhibitions without lowering its tone. Artists who have a place in contemporary Turkish Art and correspond to Rabia's stance have been exhibited at MAG. I have visited quite impressive exhibitions there. I cannot forget Kuzgun Acar’s exhibition. That exhibition has a special value for me. My first exhibition in MAG was also my first extensive exhibition. The brochure was designed by Mengü Ertel who also designed MAG’s emblem and it was a great design. Mengü was always accompanying Rabia, she supported MAG immensely. I cannot imagine MAG without Mengü. Rabia is a friend of mine I respect and love so much. She has always been a mature person who knows what to do. She celebrated 40 years with great devotion. 40 years without compromise and without lowering the tone… It is not easy. When a person reaches a certain age, they ask themselves, 'How did I do all this?' Rabia must also be asking. It's not an easy job. I understand this better today. I celebrate the 40th anniversary of Maçka Art Gallery.” 

Melike Abasıyanık Kurtiç (17.04.2016)

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