Sarkis- 2000 - 2001

“Mixed Retrospective”

(20 March-12 May 2001)

With the retrospective review of Sarkis's works, his installations have been exhibited.

Articles about the exhibition

  • Ali Akay, “Sarkis’in Sergilerindeki Pedagoji”, Cumhuriyet newspaper, 10 April 2001.
  • Evrim Altu­, “Sanat Bir Mucizedir”, Radikal newspaper, 4 April 2001.
  • Ebru Meriç, “Ses, Görüntü ve Zamanřn Bile■imi”, Yeni Gündem newspaper, 26 March 2001.

 “In 20160 19400 Rabia (the beautiful girl in the photo) was born. 36 years later, in 19760 Maçka Art would open and after I was born in 19380 I would wait to create our Rookie Street exhibition in 19860. This means we have 'seventeen thousand and forty-four' years ahead of us pregnant with all these births. Let's start celebrating the forty years now."

Sarkis (15.04.2016)

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