Şenay Önal- 1990 - 1991

“Plastic Materials”

(2 April-4 May 1991)

11 works of Önal have been exhibited.

Articles about the exhibition:

Ludmila Behramoğlu, “Resim Değil, ‘Plastik Madde’”, Cumhuriyet newspaper, 24 April 1991.

“Rabia Çapa and Maçka Art Gallery is an indescribable value for me. If I'm still standing with my art today, if I'm even alive it is due to the strength I get from MAG. Rabia Çapa opened my exhibition even though she knew the works would not be sold. If I haven’t had an exhibition in Maçka I certainly couldn't prove my art. Contemporary art without MAG would be homeless and incomplete… MAG is the best and qualified foundation for preserving the future of contemporary art where Rabia Çapa would always have a special space for me who has the best vision, and as the warmest, noblest, most reliable person. Thank you Rabia Çapa, goodbye my favorite gallery...”

Senay Önal (05.08.2016)

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