Serhat Kiraz

1954, Istanbul. 1973 - 1979 Graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. He, then, made a start unusual for a young artist at that time by participating in the Balkan Countries Plastic Arts exhibition in 1977, an exhibition in Stuttgart in 1979, and the XI. Paris Biennial in 1980. Since his first works as a founding member of the Sanat Tanımı Topluluğu (Art Definition Group) in 1977-1978, he has portrayed art as a philosophy object, not just as a perception object. Even though cultures are complex and pluralistic, they originate from a single source, the human mind and imagery, therefore, he incorporated paintings, patterns, photographs, and various light sources, which are the analytic results of the art philosophy based on the idea that they should be considered as a whole, into geometric, balanced, measured, and rational forms and installations. Serhat Kiraz, who was a research associate at Yıldız Technical University from 1999 to 2006, has participated in numerous collective and personal exhibitions since 1978. He continues his works in Istanbul.


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